Here is a quick tour of Red Dragon Self-Defense USA

Here is a quick tour of Red Dragon Self-Defense USA

Seven Star Martial Arts an organization that focuses on character-building programs for Kids Martial Arts and Adult Martial Arts.

Whether your goal is fitness, self improvement, or self defense, we’re confident that you’ll find what you’re looking for at our school. Beginners can take solace in our easy to learn curriculum designed to teach self defense while embracing the inner strength within.

The magic of martial arts is that it’s designed to accommodate everyone. Regardless of your size or experience, you’ll have everything you need to defend yourself in just a few sessions. Everything after that is just pure intensity, exercise and self development.

Shihan Albert Enriquez

Founder, Owner of Red Dragon Self-Defense USA

2nd Degree Black Belt Nidan, CERTIFIED NRA Instructor

With over 20 years of martial arts experience as a black belt and a deep passion for Security Instruments, Albert Enriquez brings a wealth of knowledge to the table. Recognizing the prevalent concerns about personal safety and restricted rights, Albert's mission is to provide comprehensive firearm and self-defense classes. Tailoring the training to each individual's physical capabilities and specific requirements.

 Albert prioritizes realistic and actionable skills. Emphasizing safety at every step, non-live fire sessions while shooting practice takes place at a local range. 

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Parents Feedback

Erica recommends Red Dragon Self-Defense USA

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The best of the best here in Springfield! Extremely knowledgeable instructor. Great with training children of all ages. Keeps it fun and interesting for them to want to come back each time. Prices are actually very reasonable and it’s right in the neighborhood.

Fernando Alonso recommends Red Dragon Self-Defense USA

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I’ve known Albert for the better part of 12 years. He is a thoughtful and honest professional who cares about his clients.

Howard Case recommends Red Dragon Self-Defense USA

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I have known Albert for over twenty years. We have taught trained various ages. From 4 years old all they up to 70 years old. As a Martial Artist for over 33 years. I highly recommend.

Master Howard Case
8th Dan, Amato's Goju Ryu

Grant Rogers recommends Red Dragon Self-Defense USA

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Our family has been attending Red Dragon SD USA for several months now, and we couldn't be happier with the experience. The instructor is highly skilled and passionate about teaching, and they create a supportive and fun atmosphere for all ages. My daughter loves coming to class and has gained confidence, focus, and physical fitness. Highly recommend this school to anyone looking for quality martial arts program!

Jake Lacy recommends Red Dragon Self-Defense USA

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Incredibly powerful lessons. As a former police officer, I can tell you, you can never get enough training in self defense. Albert is a master. Thank you for working me hard.

Celeste Homaychak recommends Red Dragon Self-Defense USA

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Excellent! Albert is phenomenal and expert in his trainings

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