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Live Fire Training
We perform all live fire training at a authorized firearm range
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Red Dragon USA

We Help You Navigate Purchasing Firearms.
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Red Dragon USA

NRA Certified Instructors
We make firearms training safer and more effective.
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Red Dragon USA

Martial arts and self defense training available
We only have black belts teaching our classes and guarantee a comfortable environment
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We provide classes on firearms cleaning maintenance and storage

We offer classes and speaking events in Nashville tn. davidson county & many of the sourrounding areas & county’s. We are open to discuses  special events  and speaking events anyWhere call for details!      

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We provide firearm training and NRA certified classes.

We Provide Firearms training and NRA certified classes

Our Major services

Please contact us for information about Individual or group women's self defense classes
Programs For Children and Those With Special Needs
We can create programs for children or those individuals with special needs
Speaking And Media opportunity Available
We are available to speak to your organization or news outlet

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I had recently purchased a firearm and wanted to take a course on how to properly use it, clean it, and just to get a feel for handling it. Albert was extremely helpful and professional. For a beginner like me, he was very thorough in explaining every little detail from start to finish. I learned about different guns and how and what they are used for. The class was broken into two sections, the first was overall gun safety and all the ins and outs about how to use it. He inspected my gun prior to heading over to the range. He used a cool machine with a thin wire and camera that allowed him to see inside the gun and as he looked through I was able to watch on a display screen. The second part was at the gun range where he showed me how to shoot.Albert is extremely well versed in firearms and gun safety, this is definitely a course that a beginner like me can take to feel comfortable using my gun. It’s also a great course for someone who is already experienced but wants to expand their knowledge or needs a refresher course. I highly recommend making an appointment with him, I’m looking forward to my next class.

Malachi Whittemore

I was randomly looking up a company that does one on one training in firearms. I saw that they were in Bergen County which was convenient for me. I liked the fact that the instructor comes to me and sits down and sees what my weaknesses and strengths are. He also does a lot of knowledge testing before even taking me out to the range (which I liked) because I am such a newbie! Totally recommend, you won’t be disappointed!

Agnes S

This company knows what they’re doing. I’ve been shooting before but not like this. The instructor spends a good amount of time with you before he even takes you to the range. He goes step by step and has you learn the basics. Once you are comfortable he’s takes you out and shows everything.

James C

Took my wife out to the range for some one-on one-classes with Red Dragon Self Defense and I was not disappointed. The instructor really knew his stuff. I think the wife and I will be reaching out again soon.

Perry M

excellent care in firearm training for this newbie. Well done. Highly recommend.

Celeste H


Went to take some classes with my husband for date night and left with so much more confidence in using a firearm. I honestly didn’t realize how many little things I needed to know. I will definitely reach out again for more sessions!

Lauren M


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we post regular news about the trainers, events etc. Follow us to stay ahead of all the updates, as well as many useful tips for weapon keeping and handling.