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Why we train with Fire Arms.

Why our 2A Rights are so important to FREEDOM!

Importance of Personal Firearm's Training

Date Night with a Bang?

Date Night with a Bang?

What can couples do for fun at night in Nashville?

If you’ve been following us closely on social media (Instagram and Facebook), you may have seen our date night class promotions. Red Dragon Self Defense has been expanding our offering. We started teaching a new type of self-defense and gun safety class that has been getting some great feedback.

Here is how it works: we come out to you to do either self-defense,
martial arts class, or firearms class. No matter how old you are, we guarantee this will be an incredibly
fun experience. Whether you’re 21 or 40 or 75 years old, you’re not too old for self-defense.  In addition to teaching you about safety and ways to protect yourself and your
home, this is a fun class that teaches you while you have a great time.
If you and your partner have both had a firearms class in the past or if you already both have gone to a
firearm safety course, we will meet at the range. There will do the introductory
instruction session and then go straight to the live fire.
If one or both of you have not had any prior instruction, we will start by meeting at your home, going
through all the safety procedures, and then we head out to the range. We can meet you at the most
convenient location for you, whether that’s at home, at work, or somewhere else.
This couples class is a cool idea, and very fun. While unorthodox, it’s a great date night idea said a recent
client who really enjoyed it. She and her husband wanted to do a firearm photoshoot at the end of the
class, so we set up a background to take some pictures. You may have already seen a few of the pictures
from that class! This client took a few photos with a few different guns, and it might be part of a
Christmas card! Whether it’s your first date, your sixth, or an anniversary, this is an opportunity to spend
time together and learn something new.

We are very excited to work with you. Anything you want, we are going to make it work. What’s a better
date night idea? Having a self-defense, martial arts, and/or firearms training class is definitely more fun
than a sip and paint. If you want a date night with an actual bang, (pun intended), call us up. Instead of
mulling over, where should I be with that special person on a date, stop searching and give us a call.

We will set up a date night with Red Dragon. That way both of you can unleash your inner dragon.

Firearms Cleaning & Maintenance Class


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self defense class


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Women's Self Defense

The best way for a woman to stay empowered is to be able to defend herself! Don’t worry about going on Groupon and looking for a cookie-cutter self-defense class. We provide specialized self-defense,
martial arts, and firearm classes catered to your needs, skill sets, and abilities. We make sure you have the skills necessary to protect yourself and further empower you! So whether it’s hitting the shooting range or hitting the punching bag, let’s get started today and make the changes necessary for tomorrow! Call 732-757-8800 & unleash your inner dragon!

One day soon you may need to protect yourself, your home, your family, and your business. Riots, random assaults, or break-ins can happen and you can only count on yourself for the defense at the moment it happens. Preparation is key! Please call us about our firearms, martial arts, and self-defense training so you can defend yourself and what matters most! We will also work with you on the best practices for home security and emergency preparations. Don’t be a victim, be prepared and be secure! Live fire training with guns is done at a local shooting range. All self-defense and classroom firearm training can be done at the comfort of your home or office, whatever best suits your lifestyle.

Call 732-757-8800 & unleash your inner dragon!


Why do I support 2A rights, why do I teach Firearms training and Martial Arts/ Self Defense? Because My Dad is from Cuba! After 60 years the ppl are rising up for freedom, but being shot by the communist/ socialist government! The ppl don’t have firearms to fight back with, remember this when you’re told you don’t need guns or the government will protect you! I stand with the ppl of Cuba ?? the place of my dad’s birth, against the evil of communism/socialism. I pray our Lord Jesus Christ brings freedom to Cuba. Never stop fighting for freedom! Never let it happen in America!

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2A Rights Update

A few weeks ago, the Supreme court ruled that a big part of the red flag laws, like we already all knew, is unconstitutional. You cannot just kick down somebody’s door and take their stuff without a warrant. That’s major; that’s upholding our constitution. Our God-given rights, our fourth amendment that says you have the right to protect your property. Nobody can come onto your property, search you or your stuff without a warrant. Search and seizure has to be warranted. Right now, in New Jersey, we have a red flag laws that even some Republicans voted for them. These Republicans should be kicked out of office, along with the Democrats who supported this law.

Why? Because it’s unconstitutional. Our founding fathers would have tarred and feathered these guys along with the English. Let’s remember that. We fought a war to protect these rights, and now we’re letting people take them away again. So, great job to the Supreme court for upholding our rights. It’s time that we here at the state level start making sure the state understands, we’re not going to allow this. We’re going to vote them out of office. We’re going to stop them. We’re going to say, “Hey, you don’t respect our rights? We don’t respect you.” You don’t return to the office in November. We have a big election coming up here in New Jersey; think about that before you go into the booth.

With that said, we have another Supreme court case coming up. It’s the one brought against New York City about gun rights. A lot of crazy restrictions in New York City. People aren’t allowed to take a firearm they own a certain distance from their home. They’re not allowed to do this and not a lot to do that. I’m not going to go into all the details with you. Some of you may know it probably even better than me. For those of you who don’t, I suggest looking it up. What we are hoping for is with this ruling, that it makes a larger point and that the Supreme court creates a very general ruling that shows that any attempt to restrict the second amendment is a violation of the constitution. States like New Jersey who refuse to issue just about anyone a carry permit are violating the constitution. New Jersey is in violation of federal law. Our constitutional rights say that we have the right to bear arms.

We have the right to carry a firearm outside of our home. As long as you haven’t done anything that has made you a federal criminal who has lost certain rights, you have that right. New Jersey won’t allow you to exercise it. Why? Because New Jersey, especially guys like governor Phil Murphy, feel that they can tell you what to do. That they’re your king. They don’t think that the founding fathers are right. They don’t know why the founding fathers put these laws into place, to begin with! They don’t think that your rights come from God. They probably don’t even think that there is a God. They think that their God is the government and that you need to bow down to them. Well, hopefully, the Supreme court will put them in their place.

If they don’t, I ask everybody: on election day in November, vote them out. The only thing that protects our first amendment rights and all the other rights is our second amendment. If you want to make sure that your kids grew up to be as free as you are, if you want to make sure that this country stays free and doesn’t end up like Cuba, Venezuela, China, Russia, make sure you’re protecting our second amendment rights. We’re going to be talking more about these issues as they come up. We are rallying for our right to bear arms.

If you want to hear more about it, please contact us. We are going to have some events coming up and they are on our Facebook pages. Until next time, unleash your inner dragon. God bless, and God bless America.

Call 732-757-8800 & Unleash your inner Dragon!

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What do you do when you get a weapon or recently were accepted for your gun license? Sometimes you
may be searching for ‘self defense courses’ or ‘nearby gun training course. But why should you dive
deeper and get firearms instruction? Where do you get trained to use a gun? Should you use a private
firearms instructor?
First of all, if you own a weapon, you need to know how to use it. We don’t just jump in a car. We don’t
just pick up a power tool and have at it. For the most part, somebody shows us how to use it.
It’s best to always be as trained as possible so that you’re as safe as possible and have as much
knowledge as possible. You don’t know what you don’t know. Simply put, you should sign up for one-on-
one firearms training for the following reasons:
1. You don’t feel nervous asking simple questions
2. The course is catered to your needs
3. We can discuss your unique living situation and how to properly store and use your weapon
What always concerns me is when I meet new shooters who maybe took no classes or one class
(especially those big classrooms where you might be afraid to ask a question, cause you don’t want to
get embarrassed) when I ask, Hey, how often do you clean your gun or, what oils do you use?
and they look at me like I have three heads, because they didn’t even know that was something
important. That’s a problem.
What I want to do with every one of my students, and what I do is: I take you from A to Z. We go
through the classes on firing a gun, the classes on safety, the classes on proper maintenance and taking
care of your gun, classes on where to store your gun in your home and how to make sure it’s stored in
the best place possible, and what to do with that firearm in an event where you have to use it. These are
all important topics. If you catch yourself asking these questions, sign up for our one-on-one training
1. Where should I store my gun?
2. How do I clean my clean? How often do I clean my gun?
3. What is oiling your gun?
4. How do I shoot?
5. When am I allowed to use my gun?
6. Can I keep my gun in my home?
These are really important questions, and we want you to get comfortable.
We want you to be safe.
It is your God-given right. Especially a God-given right, as an American protected by our constitution,
that the Lord gave us to be able to defend ourselves with firearms.
The right to keep and bear arms in the United States is a fundamental right protected by the Second
Amendment to the United States Constitution, part of the Bill of Rights, and by the constitutions of most
U.S. states. Guns can be used for self-defense, and provide peace of mind when it comes to keeping
yourself safe from harm, especially in your own home.
However, you can’t do that if you don’t know how to use your gun properly and safely. The worst thing
in the world is knowing how to use a firearm, but never realizing the maintenance you need to do. Imagine, you go to use your gun in an emergency situation and it doesn’t work properly. We will teach
you what to do if your gun doesn’t function properly, while teaching you how to prevent that from ever
happening. We’re not going to let that happen to you. We’re here to help.
So give us a call today. We want you to unleash your inner dragon. God
bless. And God bless America.