What can couples do for fun at night in New Jersey?

Red Dragon Self Defense has been expanding our offering. We started teaching a new type of self-defense and gun safety class that has been getting some great feedback.

If you’ve been following us closely on social media (Instagram and Facebook), you may have seen our date night class promotions. Here is how it works: we come out to you to do either a self-defense, martial arts class, or firearms class. No matter how old you are, we guarantee this will be an incredibly fun experience. Whether you’re 21 or 40 or 75 years old, you’re not too old for self-defense. Our programs will teach you all about NJ’s self-defense legislation and how to navigate the legal barriers to gun ownership and use. In addition to teaching you about safety and ways to protect yourself and your home, this is a fun class that teaches you while you have a great time.

If you and your partner have both had a firearms class in the past or if you’ve already both gone to a firearm safety course, we will meet at the range. At the gun range, we will do the introductory instruction session right there, and then go straight to the live fire.

If one or both of you haven’t had any prior instruction, we will start by meeting at your home, going through all the safety procedures, and then we head out to the range. We can meet you at the most convenient location for you, whether that’s at home, at work, or somewhere else.

This couples class is a cool idea, and very fun. While unorthodox, it’s a great date night idea. A recent client who really enjoyed it. She and her husband wanted to do a firearm photoshoot at the end of the class, so we set up a background to take some pictures. You may have already seen a few of the pictures from that class! This client took a few photos with a few different guns, and it might be part of a Christmas card! Whether it’s your first date, your sixth, or an anniversary, this is an opportunity to spend time together and learn something new.

We are very excited to work with you. Anything you want, we’re going to make it work. What’s a better date night idea? Having a self-defense, martial arts, and/or firearms training class is definitely more fun than a sip and paint. If you want date night with an actual bang, (pun intended), call us up. Instead of mulling over, where should I take my girlfriend on a date, stop searching and give us a call.

We’ll set up date night with Red Dragon. That way both of you can unleash your inner dragon.

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